Relaxation Tips

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Welcome back loves! I've been MIA all of a sudden but I'm back. College is right around the corner and I decided to have a nice relaxing weekend before I start which led to my inspiration in this post. We all deserve a break/spa day, but sometimes we don't have the extra cash to enjoy a day, but I have an even better way to enjoy a relaxation day at home.

1. Yoga

Yoga is an amazing way to relax and have a little fun. Believe me in no way am I a yoga pro and I promise you I don't have one flexible bone in my body but even just following a long and trying you can still achieve the relaxing effects it has on your body. If you really aren't a fan of Yoga you can try a hobby you love that you never usually have time for. Personally I love doing Yoga even if I'm not the best at it.

Great yoga videos to do at home: 

2. Bath Bombs

Whether you make your own or buy some bath bombs are a great way to relaxing! Hot bath water will relax your muscles yet the pretty colors from the bath water are a joy to watch. I also find adding some soothing music, or even some of your favorite songs creates a very enjoyable time.  If you don't like baths or don't have a tub you can still relax by taking a hot/warm shower to still relax your muscles and use a nice exfoliating scrub like sea salt or even a good coffee scrub.

3.  Hair Masks/ Face Masks

Hair and face masks are such an amazing way to pamper your skin/scalp and make you feel fresh and moisturized. To be honest we have those days where we just don't care or are too tired to take care of our face and hair. I'm definitely guilty of it, but relaxation days can help with any area you may be slacking on taking care of. You don't always have to buy masks for your hair and face, there are many products you may have in your household you can use to create one, and they work just as good.

Some of my diy favorites:

4. Lighting your favorite candles

Candles are a great way to relaxing and can be placed almost anywhere in your house. You can even light a candle while you are enjoying a nice bath in the dark. I love candles but I can't enjoy them everyday when I get home, so I feel like whenever I light a candle it's just me time to enjoy my favorite fragrance. We all have different scents we love and it may take a few tries to find your favorite but once you do you'll want to light it everyday to relax. One of my all time favorites is Voluspa French Cade Lavender .

5. Painting your nails

Painting your nails is a great way to pamper yourself and relax. Turn on the tv to your favorite show or play your favorite music and enjoy painting your nails. You may think "how is painting my nails relaxing if I'm the one painting them?". It actually is calming because you aren't rushed and it's a relaxing motion while painting your nails. If it doesn't relax you, you can always go somewhere to get your nails done.

6. Go for a easy hike or nice walk

Hiking is a great way to relax yet leave your home and enjoy nature, and you don't have to go alone to relax think about taking your pup out to enjoy some fresh air as well. Staying at home is always nice but sometimes it can get a little boring and feel like you are trapped inside. Walks and a easy hike will still keep you calm and embrace nature. Sometimes we are so surrounded by other things going on in our lives that just even staring at a nice scenery really makes us grateful for what is around us.

Remember, we all need a relaxing day, so treat yourself to one. You will feel a million times better and you don't even have to touch your budget with doing some of these ideas. I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and leave a comment down below or one my instagram post what is your favorite thing to do to relax.

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Lace, Crochet, & Braids

Sunday, August 14, 2016

So today I decided I wanted to do something new with my hair, which happened to be a braided crown. I liked the outcome of it, which led to me doing an outfit look for you guys. For my top and shoes I have similar links down below so you can recreate this look. I couldn't find the exact pieces because I purchased them a while ago. This week has been such a relaxing weekend, and I hope it was for you! I hope you guys enjoyed today's look and don't forget to check back in soon for new posts! 

Outfit Details:

Top: Free People (similar) | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Boots: Apri (similar)

All About Denim

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Welcome back loves! Today lets talk about jeans, something that we all struggle finding a good pair of. Jeans are the hardest thing to shop for as there are different styles, different washes, and they fit every body type differently. So I'm here to help you find a perfect pair of denim that you will confident in. I won't be discussing every type of denim but I will discuss the most popular ones.

Different Rises in Jeans

To be honest I once thought rises in denim were just for achieving a certain style. Truth is there is logic to it. Where each denim waist lands can define how perfect the fit will curve to your body type. The rise is measured from the middle crotch seam. 


These type of jeans are perfect for hour glass/ pear shape bodies where your waist is smaller than your hip frame. The waist line is smaller in these type of jeans but the hip area of the jeans tend to be stretchy and create a nice smooth shape and that won't give a 'muffin top' as low/mid rise jeans would. Why high rises don't work for straight body types? The waist band in high rise jeans are smaller than in mid/low rise jeans, and since pear shape bodies have a smaller waist than straight figured bodies the denim tends to be to tight in the waist area, but if you size up it create extra fabric on hips. 


These jeans happen to be the most common. However, they're not perfect for every body type. They still keep your stomach down and hips in place, without having to commit to high rise denim. Mid-rise denim are especially great for oval and straight body types yet still those with a smaller hour glass figure. 


Low-rise denim are perfect for straight body types and will be the most flattering. I wouldn't recommend low rise denim to pear or oval shape body types because low rise jeans will push your stomach area and hips up creating a 'muffin top'. The waist band almost lays directly on top of the hips so when you have bigger hips it pushes everything up, but on straight body types the low rise elongates the stomach area creating a slim look.

Different Types of Jeans

There are so many different type of denim styles to choose from but here are some most popular.

Skinny, Regular, Boyfriends, Flares, Boot-cuts 

It's honestly hard to say which one would be best for each body type, because you have to remember everyones body is different. The only way you can truly find which jeans are for you is by trying them on, even if they aren't your style you never know what looks good on your body type. I will however give you the basics on these different styles of denim.

Flares & Bootcuts: Great for all body types, but especially great for petite or shorter women because the flares and bootcuts elongate your legs and look amazing paired with heels adding that extra height.

Skinny & Straight: Great for longer and slim legs but still look beautiful on other body types and even petites. If you are petite or on the border of petite you can still find a perfect pair of skinny or straight denim since a lot of stores have petite denim sizes.

Boyfriend Jeans: Best for straight slim legs, however if you have bigger thighs like myself even with muscle, it is harder to find a perfect pair just because the top part is tight around your thighs but past your knees can be very loose, which I'm not a fan of just because I want them to be loose fitted all around. You can always try sizing up but I find it becomes too loose around the waist. 

Well, that's it for todays post on denim. I hope I helped you guys decide what jeans are best for you, or at least gave you some knowledge about denim. Definitely don't be afraid to experiment with denim even if it is out of your styling zone it never hurts to give different styles a try. The best advice is to try all different kinds of denim to find which one flatters you most. 

Thank you so much for reading & leave a comment if you know which denim is best for your body type! 

Palms & Sunsets

Sunday, August 7, 2016

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