Embroidery & Flea Market Overalls

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It's good to finally be back to blogging. I cant tell you how much I genuinely missed it, and it will always be a part of my life. It's finally fresh enough to go outside and have a mini photoshoot to share a new look for you guys. Hopefully, this temperature will stay cooler so I can keep bringing more looks.

Onto the look:

Who remembers these flare overalls from last year? If not click the link below to be redirected. I personally love overalls because it's one of those pieces you can throw on in your closet and depending on the shirt layered underneath you can dress it up or down. If you guys would like to see the multiple ways to wear overalls be sure to message me because I would love to share my favorite ways on styling overalls.
As for the outfit details, they will be at the bottom of the post where you can purchase similar pieces to recreate this look.

*Similar links below since these items were purchased a while ago so no longer sold.

Top: Similar Flutter Sleeve (purchased from Marshalls) Overalls: Similar (purchased from Madewell) Shoes: Similar (purchased from Steve Madden)

Fall Florals

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hello! Welcome back! I'm back from being missing in action, but boy do I have some outfit looks for fall as we begin to transition. I know it's not fall yet but everyone is getting started especially Starbucks with PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! I love pumpkin and of course I am super excited! But besides that I have lots of new looks that will be posted on here so stay tuned. If you do follow on any of my social media you will see previews on there when I will release exactly. Hopefully, soon the temperature in the desert will be less than 3 digits because I can barely go out in direct sun so luckily it was a bit cloudy. Anyways I hope you guys like today's outfit and let me know if you have any special requests. It can be how to style a certain trend, fall inspired looks, a certain occasion look, anything really just let me know what you guys would like to see!

Outfit Details: 
Top: Michael Kors (bought at T.J. Maxx) / Denim: Free People / Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Till next time!

xoxo Kaitlyn


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

 With Fall & Winter swinging quickly around the corner what better way than to show you guys what trends to look out for this season and which trends I'm totally loving right now. Some trends have been around for a while but don't be afraid to experiment these trends with a new twist; maybe a certain detailing is on a hat or shoes to switch it up. I added multiple sites ranging in different price ranges for everyone's budget. Definitely, leave a comment on any of my social media on what trend is currently your favorite. I would love to know. I will list other trends to look out for down at the very bottom of this post. Hope you enjoy! 

Florals have been big during Spring and Summer, but now they are here to stay in Fall and Winter. Personally, I love floral print anything and today you can find almost anything in floral print. Just as seen above you can easily incorporate them into Fall and Winter by wearing booties. 


Oh velvet! Makes any outfit simply elevated and the texture is absolutely beautiful. Last year this time we were seeing more of velvet tops and blouses than anything but this season it has been incorporated into handbags, shoes, and even jumpsuits. Velvet is easy to add to your closet this season because there are so many options to choose from it can be as simple as a headband.


Fringe is another one of my favorites which have been in for a while now, but items aren't limited now. You are almost finding them on anything. I will put fringe with frayed because they are nearly like sisters. If you haven't seen frayed denim you definitely need to, or else you are definitely missing out. Frayed denim creates a much more distressed and edgy look which I love.


Shearling was all over the runway! They had accent details and full on coats in shearling. All options above are faux shearling. You don't need to have real shearling to recreate the look. Faux shearling is cheaper, safe, and can still feel extremely soft while keeping you warm through fall and winter. If you aren't bold enough to wear a full on shearling coat definitely try to incorporate accent details like the moto jacket above if you want to try out this trend. 

Lace is one of the most beautiful and elegant trends currently. Lace can easily feminize any outfit that may look more edgy. For instance distressed denim/frayed denim with a lace blouse instantly tones down each other creating an everyday outfit without looking too dressed up but not like you just rolled out of bed. You can definitely choose a top with lace detailing or even a pure lace top with a bralette underneath.

With any of these trends, be sure you feel comfortable in them because some trends aren't for everyone and there are some trends I often don't feel comfortable in. Make sure you know it's your personal style and you will feel comfortable in, and have fun experimenting!



Floral Western Vibes

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Another new look featuring once again another pair of Vintage 93 boots. I just can't get enough of the cute style of boots yet the comfort they provide. This one is a bit more western style but to tone down the western look I paired it with a more tropical/floral romper. For accessories, I kept it very minimal with rings only. I hope you guys like this look! Let me know what is your favorite style of boots? Do you like the "Bentley" or "Annie"? Let me know in the comments below or even on social media. I would love to know!


Romper: Band Of Gypsies  Shoes: Vintage93

Favorite Beauty Products

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Welcome back babes! I posted some of my favorite beauty product on Instagram and some of you asked why I liked these items, and some of you have never heard about them. I thought what better way to tell you guys why these items are my favorite than to make a blog post. Hopefully I answer all of your questions and by no means am I sponsored by these products they just happen to be my favorite products I have tried and will definitely stick to for a while. I will have link where you can purchase them yourself.

Stranded in the Desert

Sunday, July 2, 2017

For the many years of living in this desert, you would think I would have this nice tan right? Well, that's not the case for me, but at least white is supposed to make you look tanner. Even though it doesn't look like it works believe me it does.

Today's look I went near the mountains of Palm Springs to explore a bit and came across this beautiful site. Even though it is pretty hot in the desert, I have the jacket because not only does it make a perfect accessory but I still get cold when I walk into stores so it definitely comes in handy. As for my skirt and top, I'm obsessed with this combo because it is dressed up but the brown block heels and the denim jacket tones down the entire look to make it more casual for every day. If you wanted to make it even more casual, which I of course love, you can switch the top for a basic cotton tank, and some slide on flats.
Hope you enjoy this look and much more to come.
xoxo, Kaitlyn

Desert Stripes

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Summer has hit and growing up in the desert still hasn't prepped me for this heat. This summer I find myself in jumpsuits, dresses, and anything loose. This jumpsuit is my all time favorite because it's so flowy and casual and you can easily wear it out as is or add a little accessory to cinch in the waist.

In this case, I used a silk scarf from China that was a gift to add a different print to this look. Of course, I needed my straw hat, which I never leave the house without. Today was worth soaking up some sun in hopes of developing a tan. 
Hope you guys enjoy the scenery and outfit, details are at the very end.
xoxo, Kaitlyn

Summer Skin Featuring Jord Wood Watches (GIVEAWAY)

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Special post for you guys today I have collaborated with Jord Wood Watches and am hosting a giveaway so read more to find out where to enter!

Jord Watches are wooden watches hand crafted with raw material and refined designs. Their team is determined to help you find the watch of your dreams. There designs are so beautiful and definitely more amazing than it is in photos. All there watches are unique and you will receive compliments on them. They come in a beautiful packaging in order to keep your watch secure and lastly they provide a small maintenance kit for you to treat your watch.

Now, do you want you want to get your own? Down below enter in my giveaway with Jord where you could be the winner of $100 off your first watch. Thanks to Jord you can increase your chances by following there Instagram which will be in the giveaway link. Giveaway ends on June 4 so don't miss out!

If you have any questions or want to know more feel free to comment down below or on any of my social media and I will answer them for you. 

Outfit Details: