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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Welcome back babes! I posted some of my favorite beauty product on Instagram and some of you asked why I liked these items, and some of you have never heard about them. I thought what better way to tell you guys why these items are my favorite than to make a blog post. Hopefully I answer all of your questions and by no means am I sponsored by these products they just happen to be my favorite products I have tried and will definitely stick to for a while. I will have link where you can purchase them yourself.

French Girl Organics (Cleansing Wash)-
             I tried French Girl Organics a little over 4 months ago, and since I have been using it every morning and sometimes at night; the only reason I don't use it at night is because I do use another product to fight acne, which I have posted in my previous beauty products if you want to check that out. As for French Girl Organics when I first tried it I was a little bit scared because it didn't lather up like most soaps instead it felt more oil based, almost like cleansing your face with oil; however I did notice it took off residue make up and after patting my face dry I had that refreshing feeling of cleanliness. Usually all products do that for a while until your body gets used to the product however, so far everytime I wash my face I still get the clean feeling which I love; I mean who doesn't. 

        This is beyond the most amazing shampoo and conditioner I have ever used in my life I must say! If you haven't heard of Kristen Ess she is the queen of hair, she does hair for celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale and so many other celebrities. She created this shampoo and conditioner for all hair types. Her labels on how to use are so informative as she added suggestions for washing. This shampoo not only lathers up but is sulfate free, which is an amazing plus. Not only that it has a floral smell that does stay in your hair not like most shampoo's that fade. By second day hair I could still smell it, and I did rinse good. The conditioner gives my hair such an amazing hydration that it feels good running my fingers through even without oil or leave in conditioner which is definitely a plus because my hair is always getting damaged in the sun and getting tangled. Definitely I suggest everyone to try! 

         Philosophy, I have used for a while now and have used all kinds of their products because they do work. Recently I discovered that I was getting smile lines, and what they call crows feet lines, and I knew I needed to start preventing now. So I bought this Philosophy Full of Promises cream, and immediately after putting it on it did feel thick but you can tell it was hydrating, after two months of use I did notice a difference in my forehead lines and smile lines, they weren't as visible as they would have been if I didn't use this product. It also has this tightness that you feel after putting it on almost like it is firming your skin and reversing the wrinkles. Definitely won't be stopping this product any time soon because it is one product I do feel and see a difference in my face. 

BareMinerals (Broad Spectrum SP50)-
        Sunscreen is sunscreen right? Nope wrong. I didn't know this but a lot of sunscreens are actually bad for your face. Chemical sunscreens can actually get into your pores and into your blood streams causing hormonal imbalanaces, plus other really bad effects. I have done some research and when trying to look for a healthy sunscreen for my face I found bareminerals had an amazing spf protection and wasn't harmful for my skin. It not only protects from UVA but also UVB rays. You can also use it as a Daily prep lotion which I do and it does have a tiny tint in it, which I love! By far one of the best sunscreens that isn't damaging to your skin or body. 

     Me and my anti-aging prevention products, right? This is another product which I love to use for anti-aging. It's a serum and helps with fine lines, wrinkles, texture, elasticity, and the list goes on. This product feels so hydrating on the skin and the texture when applying it is very soft and smooth. I actually found out about Lancome through my mom and she definitely preaches about it and loves Lancome. When I gave it a try to see why she loved this product so much I ended up falling in love. It is on the pricer side but I feel like it is worth this amazing product. 

OPI Nail Lacquer (Nail Polish)
     This nail polish is one of by far my favorite nail polishes! Yes I know it's just nail polish but for some reason I experience less chipping and it lasts so much longer than other nail polishes. Another plus is it's not stubborn when taking it off, it comes right off with nail polish remover which means it doesn't eat away at your nails like some other polishes and that's why I had to include it in my favorite beauty products. So if you want to spice up your nails for summer definitely try OPI! They have such beautiful colors that can last almost all summer on your hands or feet. 

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