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Monday, August 24, 2015

I recently was offered the pleasure of being Rocksbox's 'itgirl' plus to join their subscription. However, this is my honest review on how I feel about the company and the jewelry. First I'll explain how it works then show the products I received, and lastly give my overall review. So just keep on reading..

About Rocksbox:

Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry subscription, but instead of keeping the products it's a rental subscription. You pay $19 per month, and you receive three jewelry pieces. You take a style survey add things to your wish list, so your very own personal stylist will choose three items for you. Then you will receive an email when your box is being sent out. When you receive the items if you don't like them you can always send it back and your stylist will pick something new and send it back to you. You can do it as many times as you please and you won't be charged for it. You don't pay shipping to send it back and they provide you with everything you need. If you do end up liking a jewelry piece you can just keep it and they will charge their discounted price on your card. You also receive $10 a month to use if you plan on buying an item.

Jewelry Pieces:

Item #1: 

Jill Michael (Double Chain Delicate Circle Bracelet in Silver)

    This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and I love how simple yet elegant it is. I'm not a huge fan of statement jewelry items or big bulky items, but I absolutely love how light weight and adorable it is. 

Item #2: 

Kendra Scott (Elisa Silver Necklace in Iridescent Drusy)

    This necklace is just gorgeous. It shines amazingly beautiful and easily catches a persons eye. This is by far my favorite item. Of course the simplicity of it and the way it shines immediately caught my eye and everyone else's.

Item #3: 
    I did however receive a third item, but I have no pictures because I sent it back right away. It was a beautiful double bar ring by Sophie Harper. I only returned it because it didn't fit my ring size, sadly. I take absolutely full blame because I didn't measure my ring size instead I just assumed what size I was. The ring was extremely nice and I would have kept it if it did fit.

Overall Review:

I honestly have to say their customer service is amazing and extremely friendly. The packaging is adorable yet provides information on the items you receive, besides who can say no to a cute little box full of jewelry. Overall I'm very pleased and I will of course leave you updated on my experience. 

I hope this helped you out on deciding if you want to try Rocksbox, and if you do I am giving away one month free. You don't have to be committed to it. You can cancel whenever you want, so there really isn't anything to lose. Give it a try and I hope you like it. See you loves soon with a new post!

Click here to sign up or use the code ' kaitlynemilylacyxoxo '


Anonymous said...

The Kendra Scott piece is beautiful! I'll have to check this out! Thanks!


Alyssia Ann said...

The Jill Michael's bracelet is so beautiful. Very simple yet so elegant. They are both beautiful...


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