Top 10 Coachella/Festival Essentials

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Welcome back loves! Festival season is right around the corner, so what's better than to share some must have essentials. Some of these items are common sense when going to any festival and others items not so much, so just keep on reading to find out what you should bring.


Sunscreen is definitely in caps lock because that is one thing you need to have! I can't stress this one enough. The sun will be burning down on your skin and you need protection. Plus it will make you age a lot faster if you don't wear sunscreen. The most important part is that you are hurting your skin if you don't wear sunscreen, so buy one you love and you know you'll use whether it's lotion or spray on. 

2. Hydrating Spray/Wipes 

My all time favorite hydrating spray is Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. This spray can also be used on your body, and it offers a great refreshing feel to your skin. Since you'll be jumping around, and dancing you won't feel the best but one sprits of this spray and you'll feel amazing and your skin will thank you.

3. Water

Also with hydration, water is a key essential! Even though a lot of people may already think to bring water just make sure to drink enough of it. Your body will be craving water when the sun is beating down on your skin. If you don't know how much water you should be drinking download a app that calculates your body weight and activity to determine how much water you should be drinking.

My all time favorite app for iOS devices: Plant Nanny (click here to download)

4. Portable Phone Charger

All the pictures and videos of the amazing time you are having at Coachella/Festival will drain your battery, so always be sure to have a portable phone charger on hand. Last thing you need is a dead phone when you really need it.

5. Snacks

Your metabolism will be pretty quick from all the walking, jumping, and dancing so make sure to bring a couple of snack in your bag. It can be a granola bar, fruit, anything nutritious for your body to keep your energy flowing.

6. List of contacts

Print out a list of the group your with, where you are staying at, and where you should meet in case you get lost from the group. Coachella is huge and it's so easy to lose your group within a second. So be sure you have an actual hard copy list in case your phone dies.

7. Sunglasses (Cheap)

In parenthesis I put cheap because the last thing you need is to take your Raybans or expensive glasses and lose them. You'll be jumping around and having tons of fun, and they can fall off, get lost, or break. So buy a cheap pair they can be as cheap as $5 at Forever21 and H&M.

8. Hats

Try to wear a hat each day of the music festival, if you can. I know Coachella can get pretty windy, and your hat can fly off.  So make sure to check the weather the night before and if it's just sunny and hot, wear a hat. I promise you'll be thanking me later. Also try to have a wide brim hat to cover a majority of your face from the sun.

9. Lipbalm with SPF

Make sure to pack your favorite SPF lip balm! You don't want to keep licking your lips throughout the day because it's going to make your lips even more drier, and cracky. Moisturize your lips and protect them, water will also help with preventing your skin to dry including your lips.

10. Spray Deodorant

Last but surely not least is spray deodorant. I say spray on deodorant because if you bring the stick deodorant it will melt, and the last thing you need is for it to melt in your bag with all your other essentials. You'll be sweating all day so make sure every couple of hours to give yourself a spray.

So, that's it for my Top 10 Coachella/Festival Essentials! It's right around the corner so make sure to be prepared and to enjoy every minute of it! If you have other essentials leave them in the comments below to share with others! See you loves soon with a new post!

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