Cascada Blanca Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This place is my favorite place in Nicaragua so far. I definitely will be coming back to this gorgeous place. This place is Cascada Blanca, a beautiful waterfall you can walk underneath onto the other side. I was a bit sad I couldn't make it to the other side since it was blocked with huge boulders you have to climb over, and my sprained ankle couldn't make it over. I did however make it under the waterfall with the help of my family holding my hand and it was beautiful.

When we were there it was raining plus the water from the waterfall got us completely drenched. It was worth it! Nothing but laughs and a good time. You'll notice in the picture towards the end my hair is drenched and my hat is shaped odd from the water.

If you ever plan on going to Nicaragua you need to go here! I already can't wait to go back and revisit this amazing place!

They also had a little cafe restaurant where we sat and ate while watching the waterfall. We even spoke with the owner and he was incredibly nice and showed us where to get beautiful photos.

Hope you guys enjoy the photos, and for outfit details you can view my previous post at the very bottom. Click here if you want to see my previous post.

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