Styling Headbands

Monday, February 20, 2017

Styling headbands are my weakness, yes we can all wear them while washing our face and doing yoga or exercising, but how many of us really where them out? I know I've always struggled with styling headbands just because I felt like it brought out my forehead and couldn't style it well. Coming across these beautifully unique pattern headbands I gave it a try but I'll be honest it took me hours of playing with my hair before I fell in love with a perfect hair style that I can now wear with headbands. 
Even though it's pretty common sense to pair them with a ponytail and a topknot the trick to getting it very effortless and more casual to wear out is by actually tugging on pieces of your hair to create a messy look. 
  • For the pony tail look I first tied my hair in a classic pony tail then put the headband on. From there I pulled at the base of my pony tail pulling it upward then scrunched the ends of my hair with sea salt spray and just kept playing with it until I got my desired messy look. 
  • For the bun it is nearly the same process I put it in a high pony tail and then tied it in a knot. From there I grabbed another ponytail and shaped it into a bun and wrapped it around until I got a bun. * I tie it in a knot because if I try to do a top knot by just creating a bun and securing it, it will usually fall apart when I start tugging on it to make it messy.* From the bun I just tug on pieces and pull some strands to frame your face and you're all done! 

These headbands are from a beautiful company with a powerful message called The Jeweled Feather. They "believe in peace, unity and one world giving back to humanity and the environment."They have unique and beautiful headbands as well as tees, and chokers on their website. 10% of all items purchased gets donated back to the world. Their headbands are not one of those headbands that squeeze tightly on your head, they are comfortable for an everyday wear. 

"Even the lightest feather can make a difference on the weight of the world"
 -The Jeweled Feather

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